Life Labs


Life Labs is a concept we’ve developed not only to challenge you to go deeper into God’s Word, but to apply it to life.  Life Labs will focus on Biblical teaching being applied to current life issues.  This takes place in a small group environment (a “laboratory”) in order to be taken out and applied in daily living.


Current Life Lab Studies:

9:15 AM on Sundays:

2 Thessalonians
New Testament Bible Study
“The Path Toward Passion”

6:30 PM on Wednesdays:

“But Preacher, What About . . . ?”
“Finish Line Faith: A Study of 2 Timothy”
“Rock Solid Finances”

As always, there are also classes for the children and teens — something for everyone. So plan to come, bring a Bible and friend.

Everyone is welcome! Come, bring a bible and a friend!