Supported Missions

Many of the missions that we help to support have an online presence through Facebook and we have included links to those on this page so you may follow them online.

 Philippine Mission

Brett Mitchell has moved from the Michiana area to the Philippines where he is involved in church planting and youth evangelism in several villages.


Literacy Ministries

Literacy Ministries is a Christian mission focused on providing affordable Christian education in Zimbabwe so students can learn in a Christian environment to be better prepared to make a difference for Christ as they grow up to serve Him.


Impact Prayer Ministry

Impact Prayer Ministry is a mission work based out of Deer Run that seeks to draw people to a greater connection with God through a prayer-based preaching/teaching/writing ministry.


Central Japan Christian Mission

Tim and Lisa Turner are missionaries in Japan where they are involved in church planting and campus ministry. The mission is centered in Machida City, Tokyo with various outreach efforts flowing from there to neighboring areas of Japan.

Christianville Mission to Haiti

Christianville is located in Greesier, Haiti under the leadership of Rick and Kathy Land. Along with trained Haitian ministers, visiting missionaries and volunteers, the Christianville staff preaches the gospel and provides schools, vocational training and basic health care to the Haitian population. A key part of the Christian witness at Christianville is the schools. About 1500 students attend elementary, junior and senior high school at Christianville. Christianville has also started six new local churches in locations including Ti Cousin, Cite Soliel, and Ti Buoucan. These churches are staffed by dedicated native preachers, most of whom are also involved in the Christianville schools.


Extended Hand Ministries

Lee Ladd is a missionary reaching out to the Indianapolis, Indiana area prison population. Extended Hand Ministries exists to take the hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ to individuals in a correctional facility. This mission is all about the transforming power of God to change lives.

Woodburn Christian Children’s Home

The Woodburn Christian Children’s Home is a ministry of Christian Churches and Churches of Christ. Located in Woodburn, Indiana, this special home provides a Christian family environment for children who are homeless or who have other special circumstances that require a placement away from their family home for a time.


Mexican Missionary Organization

Gil and Debbie Calderon are missionaries in Queretaro, Mexico. The ministry of the Mexican Mission Organization is all about equipping the Mexican churches to be growing, church-planting churches. The work involves helping to physically build church buildings, as well as a Bible Institute to prepare and equip preachers, leaders, and church workers.


 Impact Campus Ministries — Michiana Area

Lowell Kosak leads the local campus ministry team as they reach out to students on the college and university campuses throughout Michiana.


 Colombian Christian Mission

Dale Meade leads the ministry of Colombian Christian Mission where they are involved in church planting, evangelism, and camp ministry in the country of Colombia.



Southwest Indian Christian Mission

John and Moni Mathew serve with the Southwest India Christian Mission in the state of Kerala, which focuses on leadership training, church planting, radio broadcasting, Christian education, and community involvement. They also run a children’s home for girls and coordinate relief and benevolence efforts.

Michiana Christian Service Camp

Michiana Christian Service Camp, using its great natural environment, will offer youth and adult camp programs to prepare people for eternity. Its purpose, based upon Christian principles, is to promote: Christian Education, Evangelism, Restoration of the New Testament Church, and The unity of all Christians. www.michianacamp.org