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Academic learning in a Christian environment.

The SonShine Preschool is a Christ-centered, Bible oriented school whose purpose is to assist parents in nurturing and educating young children in all stages of their development.

Not only do we teach the Bible, but we strive to integrate the love of God throughout the whole preschool program. We view early childhood as a time of discovering, experiencing and exploring. Children are encouraged to learn by doing. We strive for an environment where natural curiosity and creativity flourish.

We have classes for 3 year old’s and 4 year old’s. The class for the three year old’s meets on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. The four year old’s have two options: option one meets on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, and the second option will have class each morning Monday through Friday.

The proper class is determined by the age of the student on August 1 prior to enrolling for the school year beginning each fall.

The preschool runs from Labor Day through Memorial Day.

For more info, visit the preschool website at