Current Sermon Series "Building For Revival!" -- Sundays at 10:30 AM

Welcome Home!

A place to call home as we journey toward Home together.

"Welcome Home!" Emphasis

As we celebrate 25 years of worshiping God here at 2730 S Ironwood Drive as the Deer Run Church of Christ, our desire is to say "Welcome Home!" to all who would come and worship God with us.

Perhaps you've moved into the area and do not yet have a church home . . . to you we want to say, Welcome Home!

Perhaps you've attended Deer Run in the past but have drifted away from having a church home . . . to you we want to say, Welcome Home!

Perhaps you're seeking God and searching for a church family to call home . . . to you we want to say, Welcome Home!

Our desire is to be a church home where together we can journey toward our eternal home as we learn, grow, and serve together.

Yes, we mean you!

 -- A message from our Senior Minister

As the senior minister here at Deer Run, I understand that people connect and disconnect from churches for a variety of reasons. I also realize that our enemy, the devil, would love to keep us disconnected from one another so that we're not as effective as we could be. Even when we stumble and fall, as individuals and as a church, God's desire is that we would be lifted up and strengthened by the power of His Spirit which flows through His Body, the church. If you have questions about who we are today at Deer Run, I would love to have that conversation with you and say, Welcome Home!

In prayer,

Tom Lemler